Frequently asked questions

    Do you have a question regarding a translation project? We've got you covered. Check out some of the most pressing questions and answers below.

    How does lengoo ensure the quality of my translation?
    We only work with carefully selected translators who have a high level of language skills and expert knowledge. Based on frequent feedback and further training, we continue to develop their skills over time. In order to select a translator whose skills perfectly match the requirements of your text, we categorize each text individually regarding its subject matter and intended use and produce a good match on this basis. At lengoo, every single translation is done by a native speaker of the target language. According to your needs, each translation is proofread by an independent native speaker of the target language (4-eyes principle). Additionally, we offer an optional, final quality check by an experienced project manager. For continued growth and development of our translators, we review their work on a regular basis and set game-based incentives within their translation environment on the lengoo platform. The combination of these concepts enables us to consistently deliver the high standards of translation quality that you deserve.
    In which format will my translation be delivered?
    As a general rule, we will always return your translation in the same format the original text was submitted in. In the process, we will replace the source text with the translation whilst trying to maintain the original formatting as far as possible. Elements that cannot be edited (e.g. pictures) will be translated in comments (listing source and target text) directly within your file or in a separate file of established format (e.g. MS Excel) that we will deliver together with the translation. If you are interested in another output file format or layout such as a line-by-line listing of source text and translation, you can always discuss this with our team. It is very important to us to adapt our translation process according to your individual requirements.
    How does lengoo ensure the consistent translation of technical terms?
    For some documents consistent translation of certain words or phrases across the entire text is essential. In order to achieve this, we will set up a centrally managed glossary for your translation that all involved translators can access, if necessary. Consistent terminology is of particular importance for the comprehensibility of technical texts. However, other texts, such as homepages or literary documents, often benefit greatly in terms of their style from the use of synonyms and other stylistic elements. Please let us know before each translation which course of action you prefer. For an individual fee, we will gladly make your personal glossary available to you after all current translation projects are completed.
    What happens if I am not 100% satisfied with the translation delivered?
    If you identify imperfections in a translation that we have produced for you, we will, of course, revise our work for you. However, we would like to point out that we are only able to do so on the basis of precise revision instructions (ideally, in the form of examples, comments in the translation, or marked text). This information enables us to determine whether suggestions for improvement are justified and reasonable and to implement them effectively and quickly with the goal of making you happy. As translations are a sensitive and highly subjective matter, we ask you kindly to provide us with in-depth and detailed information about your expectations and ideas for interpretation. Stylistic corrections (e.g. a more informal instead of a formal style) are only possible in individual cases. As long as the reasons for your revision requests did not arise through our own fault, we reserve the right to charge an appropriate revision fee. We ask you to report complaints within a time frame of 14 days after delivery of our translation.
    Does lengoo offer certified translations?
    Unfortunately, lengoo does not offer certified translations at the moment. We leave this job to specialists and are always happy to suggest a business partner for common language pairs. However, we are working on expanding our product range according to your needs if the number of quote requests for this special service increases in the future. If you would like to be notified as soon as this service is available, please write us a short e-mail to [email protected].
    What happens if I want to cancel a translation that is in process?
    You may cancel your translations at any time before its completion. If we have already assigned the translation to a translator at the time of your cancelation, we will charge a cancelation fee of 20.00 €. In addition, if the translation is already in process at the time of your cancelation, we will charge the costs according to the degree of completion. In any case, we will charge at least 40% of the translation price stated in our offer.
    How can I get in touch with the translators working on my projects?
    The easiest and fastest way to get in touch with all translators working on your projects is via the comment section directly in your order in your Login-Area. Alternatively, you can also send us an e-mail and we will forward it to the linguists.
    How is the price for my translation calculated?
    The price of your translation is based on the selected service level (Business, Premium) and possible accruing premiums for express delivery. The price for the translation of your texts can be accessed at any time via our online service tool in real time. For language combinations that are not yet available for automatic processing, we are happy to prepare an individual quote based on the text amount, processing time, and text complexity. We always aim at providing the best price-performance ratio for every single one of your orders.
    What information does lengoo need from me so their translations will meet my expectations?
    The language pair und the source text is the most essential information that we need to translate for you. If, at the time you placed your order, the source text is not yet finalized, you may instead send us an estimate of its volume and a short description of its content (intended use, subject matter, complexity, etc.). Generally, the following rule holds: The more information you can provide us with, the better the translation quality will be and the better our translators can meet your expectations! The following information will help us in the process: the subject matter (e.g. electrical engineering), the type of text (e.g. press release, manual), the intended use (e.g. business), the desired style of language (e.g. formal, colloquial), and the target group of readers. In addition, any glossaries, terminology databases, reference texts, or past translations of similar texts are always very helpful if available. Lastly, we ask you to inform us of any specifics regarding your text (e.g. parts that are not to be translated, or special formatting). You can also upload documents in the comment section of your Login area and get it directly to the translators.
    Does lengoo offer special prices or conditions?
    We calculate our prices with our customers and our linguists in mind, i.e., they will always be competitive and, at the same time, allow for diligent translation work to ensure great quality. This is how we can offer the best value for money in the market. We do offer special prices and conditions if you intend to work with us as your service provider in the long term. In such cases, we are always happy to discuss the possibilities with you. We offer special prices and discounts to non-profit institutions and charitable activities. If you are interested, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
    What are lengoo's payment terms?
    If you order directly via our website, you can pay using a Credit Card, Paypal, SEPA Direct Debit or via invoice. An invoice for the amount payable will be provided to you via e-mail upon delivery of the finished translations on the agreed delivery date. The amount due is payable within a period of 14 days. Please understand that according to our general terms and conditions we will charge an interest of 5% (above the base rate) of the net invoice amount and additional overdue fees in any case of delay in payment. For business clients in a long-term business relationship with us, it is possible to bring our invoicing in line with your internal accounting cycle.
    Do I get better prices and conditions for longer texts?
    You can order translations online for texts with a volume up to 10,000 words. We kindly ask you to use our online form or send an email to [email protected] for translation projects exceeding 10,000 words. You will receive an individual quote with prices catered to you.
    How long does it take for me to receive a quote after my request?
    Via our automatic online ordering service, you can access the price for the translation of your texts at any time and obtain a PDF copy of your quote immediately. For language combinations that are not yet available for automatic processing as well as high-volume translation projects, we are happy to prepare an individual quote. During our office hours, you will receive your quote within 60 minutes of your request. The time needed for the calculation of a quote depends on the complexity of the potential project at hand and whether all necessary information (target language, source text, special requirements) was provided in your request.
    How long will the translation of my documents take?
    Our delivery times generally only depend on the total volume of words that need to be translated per language combination. In the following, you can find a detailed list of our standard processing times:

    VolumeStandard processing time
    up to 500 words1 day
    up to 1,500 words2 days
    up to 3,000 words3 days
    up to 4,000 words4 days
    up to 5,000 words5 days
    up to 6,000 words6 days
    up to 7,000 words7 days
    up to 8,000 words8 days
    up to 9,000 words9 days
    up to 10,000 words10 days
    up to 15,000 words2 weeks

    One day means 24 hours starting from the time and date of your request. Completed translations are delivered between 10 am and 8 pm Monday through Saturday (based on UTC +1:00 Central European Time). If you request a translation outside of this time period, the calculation of the processing time is based on the following business day. Should you need an expedited translation, we can always employ more than one translator to work on your project and, thus, complete the translations much faster. For high-volume translation projects of more than 10,000 words, we are happy to prepare an individual quote for it and try achieve your deadlines to the best of our ability. All you need to do is contact us
    Are lengoo's quotes binding?
    Quotes sent to you are not binding, i.e. in no event are you obliged to purchase the translation. On the other hand, we commit to the prices and conditions we specify in our quotes. Thus, we will never adjust the stated prices upward. In special cases, e.g. a transcription, where it is not easily possible to determine the exact amount of words in advance, we reserve the right to slightly adjust the prices if necessary. Furthermore, please note that the occupancy of our translation capacities and the corresponding volumes of orders we can accept at any given time can change rapidly. Thus, if a longer period of time has passed between our quote and your confirmation, we may not be able to fulfill the stated conditions. In such a case, we will let you know immediately. The stated prices and delivery dates in our quotes can only be guaranteed within the acceptance period, which you may find on your individual quote if applicable.
    Which file formats can lengoo process?
    Our automatic online ordering service currently supports the following documents: MS Word, MS Excel (incl. .csv), MS Powerpoint, .txt, .rtf, .pdf. You can send all of your files, irrespective of their format, via email to [email protected] We will then check whether editing and translating your files is possible or suggest a way to proceed if it is not possible. We aim at making our service as convenient and practical as possible for you at all times. From our experience, exchanging and working with editable source files (.txt, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.) makes life easier for both of us. This way, our translators can work directly in your source files and maintain the original layout. This will, in turn, make it easy for you to navigate the translated text since it will correspond visually to the source text. Our standard process for handling PDF files is to convert them into an editable format (usually MS Word or RTF) and translate your text in the editable file. However, we would like to point out that this process generally leads to changes in the original layout.
    How can I have my website (and online shop) translated?
    Please click here to enter your URL and we will be in touch shortly with an offer. If you are thinking about having your website (and online shop) translated, you should make a decision on the following aspects: (1) which content should be translated, (2) how the data can be transferred, (3) whether you would like to use software to support the process (e.g. for in-context translations). Regarding aspect 1, it is helpful to categorize content as static (e.g. home page, menus, about us, imprint, data policy, terms & conditions) or as dynamic (e.g. blog articles, news). In addition, publishing frequency and typical volume of dynamic content is critical. If websites are extremely large in terms of their text volume and you are thinking about having the translation done in several chunks, it is advisable to prioritize content according to its importance (often: in terms of visitor numbers). Regarding aspect 2, we ask you as a content owner to compile the content that you want translated and to decide on how the data should be transferred (of course, we are always happy to share advice). This way, you can make sure your order contains everything you want translated and the transfer of data is designed to fit your needs. From our experience, data is best transferred in one of the following ways: Either copy-paste the source text into an editable file format (e.g. MS Word), extract the text strings from your database or CMS into a spreadsheet file (e.g. MS Excel), or utilize a third-party translation management platform (e.g.,, We are flexible and will cater to your needs as much as possible. Lastly, aspect 3 is mostly relevant for larger translation projects. Here, we strongly advise a detailed analysis of your requirements and the degree to which established software solutions fulfill them.
    Can lengoo translate PDFs directly?
    Generally, PDF files are non-editable files. In order to edit the content of PDF files, we use established software tools to convert them into editable file formats, usually MS Word or RTF. The results of these conversions can vary greatly in terms of quality. Therefore, alterations of the original layouts cannot always be prevented. The degree to which the converted layout mirrors the original one depends mostly on the quality of the source file from which the PDF was published. If files were neatly created in an established software program and then published as PDFs, they can usually be converted without much difficulty. If PDFs are based on scans of low to medium quality, the conversion process usually leads to results that are hard to work with. In any case, we do our best to reproduce the original layout within the technical limits. Should it be impossible to convert your files, we will send you a separate file containing a side-by-side listing of the source text and its translation.
    I want to confirm a quote that I have received from lengoo. What do I need to do?
    Accept offers with one click in your Login area. Here you can keep track of the numbers, see real-time updates on the status of your translation projects and get in touch with all translators currently working on your translation projects. Alternatively, you can confirm a quotes via e-mail. To do so, please reply to the e-mail containing the quote you received from us and let us know that you would like to confirm the quote. In case your PDF quote does not yet contain your desired invoicing address, we ask you to send it to us together with the confirmation of your quote. You will then receive an email from us as soon as we have initiated the translation process for you.
    What can I do if changes are made to the source file after I have confirmed a quote?
    If changes have been made to the source file after you have confirmed our quote, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can pause the work of our translators and send them the updated file. We will charge you with the additional translation volume (i.e. translations of text that has been omitted and text that was added in the update) at the conditions stated in our quote. Depending on how drastic the changes to the source file are, the delivery date may change accordingly. We will let you know immediately if that is the case.
    How are premiums for express delivery calculated?
    If you request a translation to be delivered with a set delivery date, we will calculate the remaining time available for us to process your order and derive the corresponding express premiums. Outside our business hours, this rule applies starting from the following business day. In the following, please find our corresponding minimal processing times per volume category:

    VolumeMinimal processing time
    up to 500 words8 hours
    up to 1,500 words1 day
    up to 3,000 words2 days
    up to 4,000 words2 days
    up to 5,000 words3 days
    up to 6,000 words4 days
    up to 7,000 words4 days
    up to 8,000 words5 days
    up to 9,000 words5 days
    up to 10,000 words6 days
    up to 15,000 words8 days

    With respect to the additional expenditures, we will charge express premiums between 10% and 40%.